About Manchester Taxis

About Manchester taxis

When you’re staying in a big city like Manchester, a reliable Manchester taxis City Center can make a huge difference. Whether you live in the city and just need to get from A to B, or you’ve come over to visit. Having a taxi service that you know you can rely on can be the difference between being lost in the big city, and exploring all the wonders Manchester offers.

Manchester taxis black cab is the service that you can always rely on. Finding your way around Manchester will never be something that you’ll need to worry about again with our services.

About Manchester

Manchester is a fantastic and diverse city, filled with all sorts that people from all over flock to see. Of course, you have the football stadiums, one for United and one for city.


It’s also an incredibly diverse city; if you’re looking for a taste of a different culture, you can meet people from all over the world, located in this one city. If you ever come to visit, don’t just go to the chains, try some food you’ve never had before.


Just like London, Manchester is a metropolis. Whether you’re here for work or just a bit of fun, there are activities for everyone: shopping, night clubs, a conference center, museums, and many parks for you.

About Manchester Taxis Long Distance 

Just like how London has “Greater London”, Manchester also has “Greater Manchester”. And we understand that sometimes you might be at one end of Greater Manchester, but need to be at the other end.


When this happens, feel free to get in contact with us. We’ll be happy to send out a taxi that will take you from Manchester to Bury. Instead of worrying about missing your train, you can just sit back in the cab, and allow your driver to take care of you.

Night Taxi Manchester City Center

We understand that many of you would get nervous walking at night. This is understandable. At night time, we would recommend you use taxis to get to where you need to be for your safety.


Luckily Manchester taxi black cab operates 24/7. So if you choose to go on a night out, perhaps to a nightclub, the theater, one of the many cocktail bars, give Manchester Taxi a call. We’ll be happy to send out a taxi to make sure you arrive home safely.


As great as Manchester can be, because it’s a big city, we would not recommend walking at night, particularly not alone.

Corporate Taxis

Whilst many of the taxis we take are for personal/leisure reasons, there may be times when you require a taxi for corporate reasons.


At Manchester Taxi, we’ll be happy to provide corporate taxis. Taxis are needed to take people from one important meeting to another. When this happens to be you, or someone working for your company, why not travel in comfort?


With Manchester Taxi, you’ll be arriving at all of your meetings on time. Without worrying about getting lost in the city, or needing to use the overpriced bus network.

Common Destinations

Here are some of the most popular places our customers ask us to drive them to.

2 Stadiums

In Manchester, we have two football teams, Manchester United and Manchester City. Fans come from all over to watch their favorite teams playing. Because many of these fans come from outside Manchester, we’re always happy to provide them with safe and comfortable transport to the stadium.


Manchester is also home to the third busiest airport in the country. As you can imagine, many of the people coming from there will not be from Manchester and need a taxi to get to where they need to be. But even the Mancunians returning home might not want to be using public transport whilst carrying heavy bags.  https://www.manchesterairporttaxiservice.com/book-online/

Why us?

We’re not naive enough to think that we’re the only taxi service in Manchester, but we are the best in our informed opinion.


While other taxis will get you from A to B, Manchester Taxi likes to go the extra mile to ensure all of our customers are satisfied. We’ll make sure that you have an enjoyable journey in a comfortable taxi. Whether you need some help getting to and from the airport, you need to get home safe after a night out, you have to get to a meeting, or you just don’t want to use public transport.


For us, making the customer happy is the number one priority.

Disability Access

We want Manchester to be the type of city for everyone. Which is why we make sure if a customer has a disability, they get given a car that is both suitable and comfortable for them. With our fleet of wheelchair accessible taxis, getting around the city with a disability has never been easier.


We respect that public transport can be difficult for wheelchair users, which is why we want to make sure all of that stress is replaced by joy and relaxation.


Our Drivers

The key to our taxi service being as great as it is are our wonderful drivers. No matter how long your journey is, our drivers want to make sure you spend your journey being happy. Not only are they excellent at customer service, but all of them have been fully DBS checked.


When you order a taxi, someone who’s been DBS checked, knows Manchester like the back of their hand, and has fantastic customer services would be the ideal driver?


Behind every great Taxi company is a fleet of great drivers.


Manchester is a bustling metropolis, filled with culture, history, industry, and life. Whether you live in the city, are visiting for an urban getaway, or need to come over for your job. Manchester Taxi will provide you with a taxi service that gets the job done, with professionalism and reliability.


Whether you need a long-distance taxi, or you just need to get home after a night out, Manchester taxi black cab can provide the service that you’re looking for.


With wheelchair accessible taxis, we’re happy to help all customers.


Next time you need a taxi in Manchester, be sure to get in touch with us using one of our Manchester Taxi numbers.

Manchester Taxi Service
Manchester Taxi Service

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We believe in catering to all users at MTS; our brand new app allows clients to wherever and whenever when you’re on the go. No phone calls or required, just the app which is available on the Apple Appstore or Google Play (Android Devices). Booking is straightforward, just enter the postcode of your destination, and we will get you there.

Manchester Taxi Service

Manchester Taxi Service

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