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About Us Manchester taxis

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About Us Manchester taxis

There are lots of  Manchester taxis. Number of taxis in Greater Manchester? About 2000!

But when deciding where to book your taxi from, we think Manchester Taxi service is the place to go!

With qualified drivers, lovely cars, and various other services, you can always rely on us to provide you with a fantastic taxi service.


What makes us better than the other cabs in Manchester are our drivers. Unlike other taxi firms, everyone who drives for us is a qualified taxi driver whom we have also given extra training. Our drivers know how to make the customer feel satisfied, but they also know their way around Manchester. When you hop into one of our cars, you can always feel like you’re in safe hands.

Yes, we have nice cars, and we offer various services, but without our brilliant drivers, we would not be able to provide the service we do.


Nissan Micra, Ford Fiesta- they’re what you would usually expect from cabs. Manchester is a city where it can be nice to be driven around in a slightly more upmarket car.

For groups of 5 or less, we have the TX4, a type of classic London Black Cab. It’s comfortable, spacious, and gets you where you need to go.

The Mercedes Vito Taxi Minibus would be a better option when travelling in a group of six. It’s big enough to fit all of you and comfy enough to make all of you happy.

And for groups of 7, the Mercedes V-Class Executive Minibus is the best option.


We provide more than a Manchester cab service.

One service we’ve recently started offering is a delivery service. This is aimed at small businesses in Manchester, delivering elsewhere in Manchester. Whether it’s legal documents, clothes, cakes, or anything else, we’ll be happy to take it to your customers.

For those going out of Manchester, we also offer tours where you can see the beautiful Midlands.

And if you need a taxi for a film, we hire our cabs for film and TV. This way you can convince your audience they’re in London, whilst also keeping the costs low.


If you want to book one of our Manchester taxis, there are three ways you can go about doing it.

Firstly, you can call us at 01612708701. You can also book via our website  And because we’re a 21st-century company, you can also book via our app, which you can download on Android or IOS.

But no matter how you want to book with us, what we need from you is the same. Where do you wish to be picked up from? Where do you want to be taken to? When do you want to start your journey? And how many people need to fit into the cab?


And that is why we like to think of ourselves as better than the other taxi firms. Manchester‘s visitors need taxi drivers who can get them to where they need to be and get them there in a comfy car.

With qualified drivers, reliable service, and much more, we are the taxi company for you!