Save time and open an MTS account

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Manchester Taxi Service is in the ‘top 3’ of taxi companies in Manchester. We are one of the most trusted taxi suppliers in Manchester. Our services are used regularly for corporate clients and the general public on either on a regular or one-off basis.

We can help save you time and even money, by opening a free MTS Account. Your account will open instantly and will be ready to use straight away – you will only need to ever input your personal and billing details once. When you need to book a taxi in the future, you don’t need to fill out the same fields over again. You can also create an account when booking a taxi – just click onto the “create account” checkbox at the time of booking.



Benefits of MTS Accounts

There are many benefits of signing up for an MTS account…

  • Exclusive Deals: We provide our members with exclusive deals and voucher codes, for when booking a taxi online on our website.
  • Password Protected: Your MTS account is password protected, so only you can access your reference numbers, details and bills.
  • Save Time: You will no longer need to keep filling in forms and personal information and you can just get on with booking your taxi. No fuss and easy to do. You can even save your payment methods into your MTS account securely or pay with your PayPal account.
  • Advance Bookings: You can book journeys on specific dates, so everything is ready and there is no last minute rush.

Our Reputation