Airport Transfer

Airport Transfer

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A Guide to Airport Transfer Options


Everyone knows the situation too well: the flight is booked, the anticipation of the upcoming
holiday is growing, and then, a few days before travelling, you’re asking, how do I actually get to
the airport? The answer to this question is airport transfers, which transport travellers in both
directions to and from the airport to their accommodation.
We will explain in this guide which Manchester airport transfers are available, which ones are
best for you, and where you can book them in advance so that you are spared all the stress!

What Is An Airport Transfer?

An airport transfer is a shuttle service operating to and from the airport. They collect people from
their front door and take them to the departure airport. They also pick up holidaymakers at the
destination airport and transport them to the booked accommodation.
The service is offered by different means, which we will also discuss below:

What Airport Transfer Options Are There?

As already mentioned, there are numerous ways to get to the departure airport or

1. Shuttle Bus

The shuttle bus is similar to large coaches and is probably the most well-known way to get from
the airport to the hotel.
This airport shuttle cooperates with the major hotels in package tours and collects a lot of
vacationers during peak hours, and drops them off at the various resorts and hotels one by one.
The procedure is, of course, more time-consuming, but it can still be a great and cheap

2. Minibus

If you are travelling with a larger family or a small group, the minibus is a convenient way to get
to the airport.
Like taxis, the minibuses can be booked by telephone or via booking masks on some websites.
On the day of travel, travellers are picked up punctually from their front door by minibus and
chartered to the airport. In addition, the large trunk offers enough space for all your luggage.

3. Taxi Service

Taxis are also part of local public transport and serve as airport shuttles. All airports have
several local taxi services.
Local taxi services are usually located directly in front of the entrances to the terminals.
Some taxi companies in regions with larger airports focus on shuttle services to and from the
airport and offer their services at fixed prices.

4. Car Shuttle

Vacationers who don’t like to travel by bus but also don’t like to get behind the wheel
themselves after a long journey should consider a car shuttle.
This is similar to a taxi service, but you can choose the vehicle in advance. In addition, the
collection is much more exclusive.
While taxi drivers are waiting for the traveller at an agreed meeting point, the personal
chauffeurs are already waiting in the arrivals hall with a name board.

5. Limousine Airport Transfer

An airport transfer in a limousine is the perfect choice for luxury transfers that should start
exclusively upon arrival.
A limousine luxury transfer always includes a chauffeur, who will be waiting for you at the
respective airport.

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