Best Destinations from Manchester Airport

June 27, 2018 10:00 pm Published by

People have been taking direct flights out of Manchester Airport to more than 200 destinations around the globe. Within the last few years, the airport added several direct flights including Los Angeles, Beijing, San Francisco and Boston. All airlines hold flight sales regularly throughout the year including post-summer (around Boxing Day Sales and September) and New Year sales. Here are some of the destinations to try. Also, consider Manchester Airport Taxi Transfers for smooth movements.

  • Split, Croatia

The split is the second largest city in Croatia and an overlooked gemstone on Dalmatian coast. The exuberant nightlife, Roman ruins, unique boutiques and delicious restaurants are a complete change of scene from the common things in the UK. The spectacular coastal mountains offer the perfect backdrop to the clear blue skies and bright blue sea. The city provides numerous scenes for Instagramming.

  • Toulouse, France

Toulouse, also known as “The Pink City” is widely known for deep terra-cotta roof tiles and blush brick churches. The ancient settlement boasts charming old quarters full of vivacious shops with bright painted facades and numerous medieval churches. Even more, the city is home to thousands of students and hosts one of the largest universities in France. You will find quirky art scenes and lively nightlife.

  • Nantes, France

Nantes is Brittany’s capital and an aesthetic city full of spirit. The city centred around the medieval castle and on the Loire River’s banks has been a choice for many tourists from different parts of the world. When walking around the city, you will notice the assemblage of artistic expressions, including large painted murals, elephantine sculptures and timbered architecture of the middle age.

  • Thessaloniki, Greece

Thessaloniki has remained Greece’s foodie-hub, and it is, therefore, an excellent destination for individuals craving olives, feta, seafood, salads and many other types of meat. Build on the mainland on the southern coast, Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece. The thriving markets, great nightlife and archaeological sites have made it a target for most tourists. Use Manchester Airport Taxis to reach Manchester Airport within a short time. Statistics show that the number of tourists to Thessaloniki is always high.

  • Kos, Greece

Kos, Greece’s Island has everything. The mountainous crags, endless sandy beaches, ancient Greek relics about the island itself, you will have something to speak about after your visit.  Moreover, the many old stones that emerge from the wildflower beds will provide you with something to post on the social media.

  • Alicante, Spain

One of the centres of tourism in Spain that will not miss in any list is Alicante, a dynamic and attractive city with a large old-time town and more substantial waterfront. It is well-known for its excellent nightlife – you will not be shy of the dance-floors or somewhere to have tasty bites. The city has everything suitable for guys’ or girls’ weekend away.

  • Sofia, Bulgaria

The hidden gemstone in Eastern Europe, Sofia, is a city at the foot of Vitosha Mountains. It showcases many charming buildings designed in the 18th century, yellow-bricked roads, onion-domed Orthodox churches and the warm Bulgarian Hospitality. You do not need a vehicle to reach the airport; Manchester Airport Taxi Services are here to help you.