Business & Corporate Account

Business & Corporate Account

Why you should create a business account with us?

Are you a business owner who is often hiring cabs? Manchester is becoming a business hub, potentially even rivalling London in the future. Our new Business & Corporate Account option could be the perfect choice for people who often use us to enable their business visitors to travel around Manchester.


Opening a Business & Corporate Account can make keeping on top of all your taxi trips much easier.

Why provide taxis to your business associates

Some of you might be wondering why you would even get investors and other business associates a taxi. In Manchester, people who don’t take taxis will need to rely on public transport. Using public transport for a new city can be a confusing and often stressful experience.


But when you provide them with a taxi, not only will they have a safer and more reliable mode of transportation. By going the extra mile for them, they’ll be more likely to value your company highly, and as a result, you’ll be more likely to get their money.


It will also help them get to all the critical meetings on time, every time.

Why choose us

There are loads of other taxi firms. Manchester alone is filled with them! So why should you pick us?


We make travelling by Taxi easier. You can book your cab through the phone, online, or even through the app.


But what makes us better than the others is our drivers. These guys know Manchester like the back of their hand, and we also offer them extra training to provide the best service possible. This is not something you get by using Uber.

Our executive cars

Unlike a lot of other Manchester cab services, we also give the option of executive cars. This could be the perfect option when you have a big boss coming up from London to visit. Or when you have an investor who could potentially grow your business by a lot.


Our executive cars are high-class Mercedes; every one of them is comfortable and luxurious. Important people shouldn’t have to rely on regular taxis, and they certainly shouldn’t have to put up with busses.


By going for an executive car, you’ll be showing this person; you take them seriously.

Why create an Business & Corporate account

You don’t have to create a Business & Corporate Account. But you should. By creating an account with us, you’ll be able to see all the journey’s your company has paid for in one place. This can enable you to keep on top of everything and even organise multiple trips.


Businesses who tend to use a fair amount of Manchester taxis will hugely benefit from having a place to organise and pay for all of the trips.


Setting up is super easy to do too! You just click on “Set up a business account” and fill out the relevant information.


Our Business & Corporate accounts are one of the many things that separate us from other taxi companies. Manchester is not short of people who can provide a taxi.

But none of them have the drivers with the training and expertise that we have. And none of them can offer the services and ease of mind that we can.



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