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COVID-19 update

February 17, 2021 3:25 pm Published by

How we’re helping to combat Coronavirus, and how you can help us!

When you’re booking a taxi in  Manchester, we understand that you want a company who takes the Coronavirus pandemic seriously.

Thankfully, we understand how worried people are about the virus. We know that’s impacted everyone, and we want everyone to feel safe when they take a seat in one of our taxis. Here’s what we do, and what we expect from you.

What we are doing

When you book one of our cabs in Manchester, our drivers will play their part in keeping you, and the community safe.


As with most other drivers, ours will be required to wear masks, which they cannot take off. This mask will be covering their nose and mouth.


So we can keep conversation to a minimum. There is always the option of booking your taxi either via our app, phone, or online. This will continue long after the pandemic.


Our drivers are required to keep their cars clean, and we will even offer hand sanitizer to our customers.


Our drivers are tested fortnightly for the coronavirus by order of Manchester taxi licence department.

What we expect from our customers

Should you get a taxi in Manchester with us, there are things we expect you to do to help us.


Firstly, unless you are medically exempt, we expect you to wear a mask too. Even if you have no symptoms, you can still spread the virus to someone else.

We also expect you not to leave any litter in the cab. Litter is just another surface for the virus to cling to.


Make sure to avoid contact with others. That handshake you did before getting into the taxi could contain the virus you may pass to the driver or even the next passenger.


And finally, when we offer you hand sanitizer, we expect you to use it.

What happens when customers fail to comply

We like to be there for the good people of Manchester. Taxis are often the best way to get around.


But if you fail to comply with our rules, your driver may have no choice but to ask you to leave the taxi. In some cases, we might have to ban you from using our services in the future.


We may take people to court, but only if they commit illegal activities and endanger the lives of the driver or other road users.


Our driver are subject to all coronavirus rules and regulations we will not tolerate abuse.

Will these new rules last?

We hope these tight restrictions won’t last. And neither do any of the other taxi firms. Manchester is a vibrant city that we like people to come to. As the R-rate goes down, we will be able to relax some of our rules.


But virus or no virus, it’s always wise to take care of hygiene and prevent germs from spreading from one person to another.


In the future, we should be able to get back to how it was before Corona.


Coronavirus has affected everyone. No longer are the streets lined with cabs. Manchester and the rest of the world has had to adapt to inevitable changes.

But so long as we all play by the rules, life will be back to normal sooner than you might think.