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The London Landmark

For a London black cab  Cabbie to be able to call themselves a “Black Cabbie”, they will need to pass an exam that it can take up to 4 years to prepare for. Within this time, they will need to have memorised 25,000 streets and 20,000 landmarks. We’ve decided this test probably wouldn’t be of much use for our drivers, since we work in Manchester, not London.

You know you’re in London when you’re walking down the street, and every other car you see is a Black Cab. And throughout the years, they’ve gone through many changes.


Symbol of Britishness

When you think of symbols of Britishness, one of the first that comes to mind is likely the London Black Cab. With their iconic shape, and shiny black finish, these taxis have become popular in other parts of the country as they remind people of England’s capital.


We wouldn’t be Britain without; cups of tea, the queen, red letterboxes, and the London Black Cab. They’ve been in all sorts of media, from James Bond to Cars 2. This just shows that wherever you are in the world, the black cab will always remind you of England.


The History of the London Black Cab

The Beginning

The iconic London black cab also called Hackney Carriages, When they first started in the 1600s, the “taxi” was a two-wheeled horse-drawn carriage, small and mobile enough to navigate the busy streets of London. Back then, the horses could leave their breakfast all over the streets of London.

The term “Hackney” comes from the French “Hacqunee”, a petite horse used for riding. In fact, the London borough of Hackey was where the horses were originally kept and looked after. Horses were used right until the early 1900s.


The Motor

In the early 1900s, Hackney Carriages transitioned from horse-drawn carriages to motorised cars. But it wasn’t until the FX3 came on the market that the London Black Cab first got its iconic look.

This version was the very first to be black, with the classic “London Taxi” shape. Back then, it came out of the factory Black, and extra colours cost extra money. For most commuters in London, it was not worth paying extra to be driven in a black car, so the majority of cabbies just kept it black.

If you go to London today, you can see their cabs in a variety of colours.


Metro Cab

The Metrocab is a taxicab that was manufactured between 1987 and 2000 . This version was smaller, uglier, and less iconic than the classic Black Cab.


The Metro cab likely failed because when people took a cab in London, they wanted to dive into the culture and take one of the classic black ones, not just some run-down car with the word “taxi” stuck to the top of it.


Thankfully, the metro cab didn’t last very long, and the regular Black Cab ruled the streets again.


London Black Cabs today

If you visit London today, the taxi that you will see is the  TX4. Although from the outside, it doesn’t look too different from a cab from 50 years ago, they are designed to be bigger and more comfortable than their predecessors.


The TX4 is a four-door saloon car with comfy seats, air-con, and heating. They are all made in a factory in Coventry, and many display advertisements, which enable the owner to make a second income.


From the factory, most of them go into London. However, a few go to other parts of the country, such as up north, to become Manchester Taxis. Some even go overseas.


Why hire a London Black Cab in Manchester?


When you order a Manchester Taxi, the type of car you go for will depend on the event you’re going to.

If you’re going to attend a fancy event, and you wish to arrive in style, stepping out of a Manchester Taxi black cab will ensure that all the eyes are on you and your transport.


Hire our traditional London black Cab to bring a touch of London class to your events,


Black cab Hire For Film and TV PRODUCTION

Recently, Manchester has become a popular filming location as it’s much cheaper to film there than in London. Manchester Taxi Black cab can provide you with an iconic London Taxi TX4 the Traditional London Black Cab along with a fully Licensed driver for all your filming needs 


How to Book Manchester taxi

To book a taxi please feel free to get in contact with us so we can arrange for you to hire one for youe needs.


To enquire about Hackney Carriage hire, call us on 01612708701, email us at, or submit an enquiry via


Our black cabs hire cost: 

CENTRAL Manchester from: £50.00 with the Minimum 1 Hour Hire

Outside Manchester from: £70.00 with the Minimum 1 Hour Hire

These prices include the cab, a licensed Manchester Taxi driver and fuel. You can view our additional terms and conditions here.


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