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Manchester Taxi Service provides Airport Taxi Transfers to and from Manchester Aiport. Our black cabs are available to go to most terminals (please contact us for more information). We also have fixed fares to Manchester Airport so you can save money.


Brief history of Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport was at the forefront of the aeronautic industry in the UK and it opened in 1923. Barton near Eccles became the site of Manchester’s new aerodrome in 1928 but the council wanted a municipal airport, and in 1929 it was built as a temporary airfield in Wythenshawe. Barton Airport, complete with large hangar and control tower was finally completed in 1930. Bу 1934 the Barton site was thought to be too small for larger aircraft and a year later work began on the construction of a new airport on land south of Manchester at Ringway.

Ringway had its official opening in 1938 and in its first fourteen months of operation handled more than seven thousand passengers. During World War 2 the airport was used as an airplanes manufacturing and training center. Normal passenger service was eventually resumed in 1946, and a year later passenger numbers had grown to more than 30,000. Extensions and renovations to the airport were carried out throughout the nineteen forties and fifties, and in 1954 the airport dealt with its millionth passenger since the end of the war. A new £2.7 million terminal was opened in 1862 and extensions were carried out on the runway a few years later.

Bу the late nineteen-seventies, the airport was flying more people to an increased number of destinations, and five thousand were employed in running the services. The World freight terminal was opened in 1986, and in 1988 it was time to celebrate the fiftieth jubilee of Manchester Airport. In 1990 an environmental program was launched in an attempt to minimise effects on the surrounding community. In 1993 a second terminal was opened and doubled the airport’s passenger capacity to around twenty million a year, and in 1995 it carried fifteen million passengers. The second runway was opened in 2001, and two years later terminal one was given a makeover to the tune of more than five million pounds. In 2003 Manchester Airport was granted the right to housing one of the Concordes, the fleet that was retired and was later put on display in the Aviation Viewing Park.

Nowadays the airport operates flights to more than 180 destinations across the world and used by more than 300 tour operators and 95 airlines. Nowadays the airport provides a service for almost twenty million people every year from Manchester’s three terminals. Manchester Airport is part of the Manchester Airports group and is now the second biggest airport operating company in the UK.

Manchester has a second runway, and over the next ten to fifteen years it is expected to become the second busiest airport in Britain. Passenger numbers are projected to be more than double those at present in the next five years. With two runways and three passenger terminals, Manchester’s capacity continues to grow and makes it an important destination airport. The airport currently employs more thirty thousand people in a variety of roles. Manchester also moves thousands of tonnes of air freight each year, and this is set to rise to over two hundred and fifty thousand tonnes by 2015.

The benefits of going by taxi to Manchester Airport rather than public transport

Utilising an Airplane terminal taxi administration to get to and from Manchester Air terminal has many focal points over different types of transportation, for example, trains and buses.


Let us be honest about getting to or from Manchester Airplane terminal by open transport, you need to consider noteworthy measures of additional opportunity to oblige the regularly late nature of transports and flighty running circumstances of trains. on the other hand, taxi requires no such time buffering, as they are constantly prompt and capacity without an episode.


“Convenience” is a term occasionally used to depict the uK’s trains and buses administrations. Without a doubt, notwithstanding when they do race to time, getting to and from the stations and arranging the stages can frequently be something of activity in perseverance. By complexity, all it takes to guarantee Manchester Airplane terminal exchanges are prepared and sitting tight for you is to make a quick telephone call or web-based booking.

No Hidden Fees

When we say zero hidden fees, we mean just that. Taxis often incurs a parking charge when they pick up/drop off at the airport, which is then passed onto the passenger. With Taxi To The Airport, all parking/waiting/tolls are included in the servile. The price you are quoted will be the only price you have to pay, giving you peace of mind that you won’t be surprised by any hidden costs at a later time.


Another tremendous preferred standpoint of utilizing air terminal cabs is that you get the chance to appreciate a private travel involvement. Dissimilar to other transportation choices, there will be no shouting youngsters, rambunctious adolescents or contending couples in your taxi, so you will have the capacity to start or end your excursion in perfect peace.

In conclusion, with reasonable prices, professional drivers, unrivalled punctuality and high-quality service; Taxis can provide airport transfers in Manchester that are advantageous in every single way.


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