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Transform your marketing strategy with Manchester Taxi Service Ltds cab advertising services.

As a top tier advertising agency, in the UK we specialize in utilizing the cab as a dynamic platform for your advertising campaigns. Whether you aim to promote your brand in Manchester, London, Liverpool or nationwide our tailored solutions are crafted to engage an active audience.

What is Taxi Advertising?
Taxi advertising leverages the mobility of transportation to showcase your brand directly to consumers. It serves as a form of advertising that transforms every taxi ride into a potential advertisement opportunity. Our fleet of taxis acts as billboards delivering your message in bustling city canters near transport hubs like Manchester Airport and amidst popular retail and entertainment areas.

The Impact of Black Cab Advertising
Black cabs play a role in the UKs transportation system within bustling cities such as Manchester and London. Their distinctive design and widespread presence make them an ideal canvas, for advertisements. By adorning these cabs with your branding we provide you with a moving billboard that effectively reaches an audience throughout the day.

Our Taxi Wrap Advertising Services
When it comes to our taxi wrap advertising service we focus on creating attention grabbing designs that help your brand stand out. We use top quality materials and innovative methods to ensure that your ads are vibrant and draw in viewers. This service covers both interior advertising maximizing visibility and impact.

Expand Your Reach with Vehicle Advertising, in Major UK Cities
Here at Manchester Taxi Service Ltd we understand the significance of location. That’s why we provide tailored campaigns like London taxi advertising, Manchester cab advertising services and personalized campaigns in any city of your choice. Our fleet travels across urban areas ensuring that your message reaches a wide audience.

Reasons to Pick Us for Your Your Outdoor Advertising Needs
1- Expertise and Experience; With over 12 years of industry experience our team of experts in cab advertising has the skills to create memorable campaigns.
2- Eco Friendly Options; We offer advertising on the friendly fleet of cabs available ensuring that your brand leaves a positive impression with minimal environmental impact.
3- Tailored Solutions; We cater to businesses of all sizes by offering both large scale campaigns and targeted advertising in cities such as Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow and, beyond.


Start your advertising journey, with Manchester Taxi Service Ltd
Planning your marketing campaign? Let Manchester Taxi Service Ltd collaborate with you to create a campaign that boosts visibility and engagement. Our taxis operate around the clock in bustling city canters, including key locations like railway stations and airports, ensuring your message reaches your target audience effectively.


Reach out today to discover the distinctive ways we can assist in promoting your brand. With Manchester Taxi Service Ltd, rest assured that your upcoming campaign will be a hit reaching millions of commuters.

Get in touch. Transform your brand’s visibility with our expertise in cab advertising. Manchester Taxi Service Ltd opens doors to widespread and strategic advertising opportunities, throughout the UK.


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