Manchester Taxi Service FAQ

How do I book a taxi?

If you want to book a taxi, you don’t need to know every Manchester taxi’s number. If you would rather book online, just visit our website, and fill out the relevant information. And of course, you can also book a taxi with us via our app.


But if you would prefer to book one via the phone, you can still do it this way.

What makes us different from other taxi companies?

If you want to find a taxi near Manchester, you can’t beat us!


Our staff will often do extra training so they can give you the best service. They know Manchester, and many of them even know some shortcuts unknown to sat navs.

What do our reviews say?

Most of the reviews for our Manchester cab service are positive. We always appreciate it if our happy customers can leave a review. It will encourage others to book with us.


Some of our trip advisor reviews will show you how good we are.

What do I do if I loose something in a taxi?

If you lose something in one of our Manchester taxis, just ring us up.


Let us know when your trip was, where you went, and possibly even the name of your driver. We’ll ring up your driver and let him know. If he finds it, we will organise a way of getting it returned to you.

Can I get a receipt?

If you would like a receipt, you will need to inform us before you book a taxi service. Manchester cabbies will get thousands of passengers a day, so asking for a receipt the next day won’t be helpful.


Journeys booked online or via the app will get a receipt automatically.

What is the cancellation policy?

All refunds must be requested at least 7 days in advance of the original booking. Refunds to credit/debit cards can be only refunded to the original card.  Customers who pay by cheque can only me made out to the customer on the original boking.

please follow the link for our terms and condition.

What areas do we work in?

Sure we’re great for if you want a taxi in Manchester, but what about just outside?

Thankfully, we don’t just operate with the city. We will pick you up and drop you off anywhere within Greater Manchester.


So don’t worry if you have a long journey, we’ll be happy to provide it for you.

Are we disability friendly?

If you want to travel with a disabled person, you can’t do this in all taxis—Manchester city centre, the football stadiums, or wherever. We are always happy to drive our disabled customers.


Just let us know when you make the booking so we can arrange the right vehicle.

How much do we charge?

There isn’t a single answer to “What is the price for your cabs?”. Manchester (well, Greater Manchester) is a big place, so the journey’s price will vary.

It also depends on which vehicle you want.


For an idea, it’s £20 from Old Trafford to the Etihad.

Do we operate on match days?

We do drive on match days, as do most taxi companies. Manchester is known for its football, so we’re always happy to make getting around on match days easier.

Travelling by cab is often safer than walking or using public transport. And we are the most reliable taxi company in Manchester!


Manchester Taxi Service

Manchester Taxi Service

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