Manchester taxi service LEVC TX

Want an electric taxi ride in Manchester? Here is how to book one with Manchester Taxi Service

June 20, 2021 9:29 am Published by

Manchester taxi LEVC TX

Are you in Manchester and need a Manchester taxi? Do you want to make your taxi ride a smooth, noiseless experience and also help conserve the environment? How about riding in style in one of the stately hackney carriage cabs?

Transportation in Manchester is serious business as everybody is going somewhere. Between important career defining appointments and leisure jaunts to meet up with friends, you will always need to use a taxi. Or you may just want to move around the city without using public transport.

Technology has helped transformed the taxi hailing experience from standing on the kerb and waving to booking one on your personal smartphone in the comfort of your home. With Manchester Taxi Service booking available online and in our smartphone app, taxi booking has become a really smooth and hassle free experience.

Our taxi fleet include comfortable, neat, well maintained cars that ensure you have a pleasurable ride. However, as an environmentally conscious organization, we are in tune with the government’s effort to promote green transportation. The many benefits include reduction in carbon emissions that are harmful to the environment.

Want to try an electric taxi ride in Manchester our taxi LEVC TX models?

To cater to our customers that want to start experiencing the electric drive right away, we have included the handsome LEVC TX in our fleet. It is an electric car that shares DNA with the iconic London black cab, with its easily recognized rectangular front grille sandwiched in between circular headlights and regal hub cabs.

The LEVC TX has a 23 kW battery that can go up to 80 miles before needing to be charged. With the battery located at the front, you have plenty of both legroom and headroom in the cabin. There is enough room for 6 adults to ride comfortably.

The LEVC TX complements the 80 miles range with a Volvo petrol engine that can charge the battery and extend it a further 300 miles. However, the battery can be plugged in to charge, a process that takes less than 30 minutes using both CCS and CHAdeMO rapid chargers.

To allow you enjoy the exciting city sights of Manchester, the LEVC TX has a huge panoramic roof window that makes the cabin brighter and roomier. Other convenience features include a hydraulic powered ramp for wheelchair access and Wifi to let you remain connected.

For your safety during your rides with us, the LEVC TX features proximity sensors, Automatic Emergency Braking, forward collision and lane-keeping tech. It saves energy by slowing down when it is not on throttle, thereby increasing its efficiency.

With our LEVC TX, you can look forward to a noiseless ride that does not pollute the environment.

If you want to ride in one of our LEVC TX taxis in Manchester, simply select the option when booking and one of them will swiftly drive up to you.

Our Manchester taxi services

We offer the best Manchester taxi service and we have high reputation on TripAdvisor to prove it. We have earned the trust of our customers with our high punctuality record. You will also love our friendly, knowledgeable, helpful drivers that will convey you to your destination safely and in a timely manner. They have received extra training from us and know Manchester like the back of their hand!

For your utmost convenience, we offer several booking options including our smartphone app on both Android and iOS devices, website, telephone and email. You will be assisted to by our friendly customer service booking team where necessary.

We have a wide range of comfortable cars for you to choose from, meaning we are able to accommodate any number of passengers you may have.

After getting an instant quote, you can make payments conveniently using debit/credit cards. You will get text updates as your driver makes their way to your location.

Our Manchester taxi services cover every part of the city and its environments. We will also get you to and from the Manchester Airport. If you are a fan of soccer, you can rely on our Manchester Stadium transfer service for the important match days.

As a business owner in Manchester, you can trust us to deliver your important legal documents, sales item like clothes, shoes and cakes to your customers who may prefer to order online.

We offer tours out of Manchester for groups of people.You can also tap on us if you need props for the city of London in your film and TV work.

Our goal at Manchester Taxi Service is to ensure your comfort and safety in your taxi trips around Manchester. Book your next trip online today.