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5 reasons why Manchester is better than London


When you hop out of your Manchester Taxi and walk into a local pub, the first thing to hit you is probably how much cheaper everything is. You can forget all about paying £5 for a pint! This is a town for the working class; we don’t overcharge for life’s simple pleasures.


But it’s not just the beer that’s cheaper. One of the main reasons why so many people are so keen to move to Manchester is how affordable the rent is. When you’re paying less to have a roof over your head, you have more money to spend on what you like.


When we speak to people taking their first taxi in Manchester, they are often pleasantly surprised with how friendly the people in Manchester are.


In London, everyone always thinks that everyone else is after something. In fact, in most large cities, the people don’t tend to be the friendliest. Of course, not everyone in Manchester will want to become your new best friend. Considering how much of a metropolis it is, there is a surprising amount of friendliness.


Being surrounded by friendly people is more than just “nice”. It significantly improves your mental wellbeing.

Closer to the countryside

If you hop into a Manchester Airport taxi, on your drive, you will be shocked at just how close the centre of Manchester is to the countryside.


If you drive an hour from the centre in London, you will likely end up in Croydon. However, if you go an hour from Manchester centre, you will find yourself surrounded by open fields.


Being close to fields means that when you want to escape all of the high rises, you don’t need to travel far to be able to fill your lungs with the beautiful air that mother nature has given to us.


Manchester The New Business Hub

When you take a taxi in Manchester, you would be forgiven for thinking you’re in a place similar to London as you drive around.


With restaurants, cafes, high rises, museums, and a whole variety of other things for Mancunians and visitors alike. Now that London has rents that are skyrocketing… and other problems, people who want to live Urbanly are moving to Manchester.


Manchester is now becoming a business hub- the place to go when you want to set up a new business. This has created jobs, economic growth, and a more varied culture for all people who live there.

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