Search, for a taxi or minicab

Search a taxi or minicab

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Search a taxi or minicab

When you’re, in Manchester getting a taxi or minicab is pretty easy. Can be done in a convenient ways. The black cabs, which remind you of London’s taxis are always around. Offer flexible choices for passengers. You can reserve these cabs beforehand through a Manchester taxi service website, mobile app or by giving them a call 01612708701. If you need to travel you can also flag down a cab on the street when their yellow light is on to show they’re available. Moreover you’ll find cabs at taxi stands all over the city.

Minicabs, also known as hire vehicles provide an option but require advance booking. You can’t hail them on the streets. To secure a minicab ride you’ll need to go through a hire operator for safety and accountability reasons. Locating a minicab is easy with the “Find a minicab” search tool on service websites.

It’s important to note that there are no additional charges when booking a taxi or minicab by phone. Service providers have terms and conditions so it’s wise to check these details when making your reservation. Also exercise caution when using Google search to find taxis; some services listed may not have licenses to operate in Manchester. Could be engaging in fraudulent activities.
To confirm the legitimacy of a taxi company reach out to the service provider through email or phone. Keep in mind that opting for a vehicle could jeopardize your insurance coverage potentially putting your safety at risk.

If you face any problems, with taxi services in Manchester or want to share your thoughts get in touch with the Manchester Taxi Licensing Authority online via this link or by calling 0161 856 2047. This way you can ensure that your time, in Manchester remains pleasant and free of stress.


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