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Things To Do With The Kids Around Manchester This Summer Holidays 2020

August 3, 2020 10:54 pm Published by

Whether you are a resident or a visitor, the city of Manchester always has something to offer to everyone in terms of entertainment. There are a million activities you could partake in, with your family during the summer holidays.

To save you from all that research legwork, we have created a list of three activities that you could try out with your kids, even with the ongoing pandemic! So, haul a taxi in Manchester and get going!

Here are the three fun things that you must try wit your kids during the holidays:

Visiting the safari parks or zoos

Safari parks and zoos are incredible places to start the summer vacation with. Wild animals are always fascinating to watch and most children are beyond enamoured by them, especially if they get to interact with them! Without a doubt, an insight into the animals’ lives at either the zoo or safari will be exciting for them.

Since the lockdown ended, the Knowsley Safari and Blackpool Zoo have both been opened for visitors. They are famous attractions in the city that are definitely worth a visit.

You could also opt for Lancaster Park or farms like Smithills Farm or Cockfield’s Farm to give the animals there some company. Your children would love the chance to interact with these lovely animals and it’s a great way to bond with them!

As for conveyance, book a fun ride in taxi Manchester!

The Blue Planet Aquarium

Want your kids to have an unforgettable outing? Then we recommend visiting the Blue Planet Aquarium! This is an underwater kingdom, featuring underwater viewing windows and an impressive 70m aqua-tunnel.

Enjoy the stroll in the underwater aquarium, watching sharks and stingrays float overhead while innumerable tropical fish swim by within feet from you.

The tropical river, inspired by a part of the Amazon River will prove to be a magical retreat while the Coral Reef will give the kids a chance to get a view of this amazing marine ecosystem and its inhabitants. There are equally interesting sights and creatures to see in the 3 rock pools.

All in all, kids will love this place especially with the pirate playground and beautiful exhibits we mentioned earlier.


For this activity, hop into a Manchester Taxi and make your way over to a nearby fruit farm! Many farms in Manchester allow families to pick their own fruits and it is an activity that is perfect for some quality family time.

This is an unconventional activity but that is what makes it special. It will be a completely different experience for the kids where there will be lots to learn! And of course, there is something really satisfying about picking your own fresh fruits which would definitely be nothing short of an adventure for your little ones.

However, you should book the tickets online as soon as possible, considering the limited amount of visitors they allow nowadays due to Covid-19. Kenyon Hall Farm or Woore Fruit Farm are two of those destinations you must check out!


With that, we end our small list. Life is too short, and kids grow up fast. Therefore we must adapt to our “new normal” with necessary safety precautions and find creative ways to enjoy the summer holidays despite the current circumstance of the world.