Top 10 Things to Do in Manchester

Top 7 Things to Do in Manchester

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What to do in and around Manchester: A Guide

Top 7 Things to Do in Manchester!

It’s time to take a break from work and do something fun! Manchester is an attractive destination for many people because of its rich culture, lively nightlife, and variety of things to see. It is a bustling city with an incredible history. The history of Manchester goes way back to Roman times, and it has been a dominant force in the industry of textiles ever since. This city is full of life!


You will find plenty of things to do in and around the city of Manchester, from visiting a museum or going on a shopping spree at one of the many stores to checking out what’s happening at one of the many theatres. It can be hard to decide where you want to go first! 


With that in mind, we have put together this guide on what you can do in Manchester. Whether it be museums or just walking around the city centre, there are plenty of options available to every kind of visitor. So let’s get started with our list!


If you only have one day for sightseeing but want to see some attractions outside of the city centre, we recommend these places: 


  • The Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) – one of the largest museums in Europe. 
  • Manchester Town Hall – this gothic revival building is just as impressive from the inside as it is from outside!
  • A stroll through Piccadilly Gardens is always a nice way to spend an hour or two if you want some fresh air.
  • The Imperial War Museum North will give you a comprehensive understanding of how life was during the war.
  • The Lowry theatre is a good place to see some live entertainment while you’re in town!
  • While walking around the city centre, make sure to stop by Manchester Cathedral and have a look inside. You will definitely not regret it!


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If you are in Manchester for a short break or a long weekend, we recommend you to visit some of the following attractions. 

Top Attractions:

  • The Peak District National Park – this national park is one of England’s most popular attractions. In this national park, you can see beautiful hills, reservoirs, and join in on so many outdoor activities.
  • Bolton Castle– if you are looking for a family-friendly day out then look no further! This castle has got everything that makes for a memorable outing where you can do some hiking or visit one of the many picturesque villages.
  • Windermere Lake– this is a perfect place for any nature lover. A walk on the lake’s edge will surely take your breath away!
  • Blue John Cavern in Castleton – for those who are into exploring caves! You can also go caving here, which is an interesting experience that not many people get to do in. their lives.
  • If you’re a football fan, you can also take a special tour visiting the famous stadiums around Manchester, such as the Etihad Stadium, Old Trafford and Emirates. Manchester Taxi Services provides tour packages for football fans who want to visit the stadiums of their favourite teams. You can book your taxi trip ahead of time through our website or call us at 01612708701 for more details!


If you are visiting Manchester during special events or seasons, you can take advantage of these offers:

Top Attractions:

  • Christmas season: do not forget to go see one of the local pantomimes that take place every year around this time! You can also book your Manchester Taxi service which can take you to the locations easily.
  • Manchester Chinese New Year Parade & Fireworks is an event you will not want to miss if you are in Manchester during this time of year.
  • If you are visiting Manchester during the summer months, then check out Canal Street for some fun at their street parties! You can also go on a boat ride down the canal while enjoying your drink or two!


In Manchester, you can also join in some of the many festivals that are going to be held during the year such as: 


  • Manchester Jazz Festival – This jazz festival has been running for over 100 years now!
  • Manchester Beer & Cider Festival- This festival is one of the most famous beer festivals in England. It takes place every year, and it brings thousands of people to Manchester for this event.


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There are many more things to do in and around Manchester, but this is just a guide to some popular attractions you can visit during the day or even at night. Whether you’re looking for something fun to do on your own or want to spend quality time with your loved one, we hope our list has inspired you!


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